this is me playing with my kodak.
By: moo cow

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Shanghai, China : 2005

i look way too happy.
this update brought to you by the number 5 and some cheese.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. but it's so cute.
i. just.. yea. also! the smell of burning peel!
a bus station.
usually involves waiting.
s-lightly crooked. orthanc, as i was saying. morning.
dont fuck with me. i have montessori on my side.
the road from ningpo to wenzhou. notice the house-sized ads.
california, transplanted. by the way, the sign means 'village'
took this as i stood outside a toilet that wouldn't flush.
the ball. this in a restaurant in china. next to eggplant.
and back. whee!
bars. and a swampy field.
through the castle doors
ginger tea. BACK LIT. (chinese people are such show offs)
Wahaha - it's a real brand name. and said to rival coke in china
POOHslash! always knew they had a thing going on for one another
here's a picture of not-china. spot the VIP!
crabs in shanghai airport.
hiding orange.
shanghai post officetilted. it looks exactly like in the movies.
you gotta love china colours.
coffeebean yay!
i love the winter look. and the pretty chinese winter blushes.
a miniscule representative of the bicycle population in china.
look parkson
postcard. down a random street in shanghai.
'Respect intellectual property' - over a pirated goods market.
here's another zinger - "Set up image of sincere market"
I ROB YOU - this makes me laugh heh.
wander. and look jay chou eating noodles EVERYWHERE
when a pig sneezes.
getting dark
lights go on.
we continue in our quest for cheap piracy.
free stuff yo. luggage included.
i love those lampposts. remind me of chicken pox.
weirdly enough, you see everything by my face.
line. i love the hue of the sky in the background
see in the background how the ENTIRE HOUSE is an ad?
next few pictures entitled : on the road. a long, long road.
that way is left.
the cute, cute minarets. they have russian domes too.
ningpo airport.
sort of speaks for itself.
i had nothing better to do. they served pink drinks.
food court.
the standard masses of chinese people photo
more street / balconies.
down the stairs.
floor 1 from floor 2 of the 10 storey bookstore.
drinking, watching someone across the street getting yelled at
im aware this street corner shots are getting repetitive.
above an english telephone booth lights!
it's everywhere Lights!
before old man wandered over and took our chilli without asking
*aches* oh dumpling.
moon neon lights!
glow lights!
not so bright lights!
caffeinesugar lights!
crooked really bad shot lights! wonky building yay!
old and new
sorry about the reflection :P
lamp post and child.
i really only wanted to get a shot of drying underwear.
if you haven't figured it out already, lampposts fascinate me.
run out of gas? cycle, fool.
note for travellers : yangtze hotel. good service, good location
washed and dried.
why it's little beefeater!
leftover lights!
food and hungry people.
red light stop.
11 degrees celsius. the ad on top freaks me out.
i have sz 9 feet. i try on men's shoes for my father's friend.
enlarge. it's worth reading (in china everything's a theory heh)
ok well, i dont know how this got in. i like the pose.
food and hungry people.
red light stop.
enlarge. it's worth reading (in china everything's a theory heh)
shanghai airport - you dont really get claustrophobic until...
you spend 5 frickin hours staring up at the ceiling
i like this picture. it has reflection but i like it anyway.
also, you'll notice ive been trying to finish this off since january . go me.

in case you can't read it, the engrish on the menu, and they aspire highly :


1. Bring happiness and health to everyone
2. Aromatic and incomparable, the feeling is deep and limitless
3. The customer is our god (you only say that because we pay you)
4. It is our bounden duty to serve
5. Guide consumption, propagate the civilisation (HAHAHAHAHAHA. nevermind.)

big words. big words.

in the hotel room, my emergency exit map commands me to 'disperse this way'

and people don't lock their toilet doors here. and their tissue ends up ANYWHERE but the provided waste paper basket.
in one rest stop, the toilet was ... well, a longkang. it was clean and stainless steel, with doors, but it was essentially, a LONGKANG running through all the stalls. i could see all the products from the people in the other stalls. i would have taken a picture but my dad's camera was too noisy heh.

thassal. coming up, huge ass nz photos.

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