this is me playing with my kodak.
By: moo cow

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Random : November? 2004 - February 2005

it's alive!
chinese blingbling
think this was on the way back from midvalley. in was grumbling.
woohoo fireworks
a rare blue-skyed day with a crooked building
69 yea!
iki loves the wall. im sorry the angle is off iki :P
remember that complaint i made about the ceiling in sungei wang?
i hate this outlet.
and the sequence haphazardly jumps to.. cny?!
anyway, yes, fireworks were the new rage. mmmm pyro
this is an adorable picture. i dont care what you think.
eva loves barbie pink. can you tell?
i like this picture only for its potential. damned flash.
'point the fuck away from me, geeg'
i've invented fire!
happy BOOM stick! 100% flammable
notice my excited flapping :)
and then the sparkly begins..
in finds the stash
imagine maniacal laughter and you've got the right bg music
this is in's crotch on fire. 'geeg! i burn for you!'
sparkle (only available on close-up :))
whee again!
taking a stand
and then inexplicably we're suddenly at a chinese temple O_o;;
with lots of chinese templery
this one's a terrible shot. but the relief is sort of nice.
henry the terrapin looks sadly at the blank tv
and now we're back in australia again. aiyaiyai. props for bbq
woohoo lemon lime vodka
look left
dastardly mosquitoes
ello meng in melbourne
waiting for chris. i stare at '148'
for some reason the paint has been burnt off the lower ledges
jarron's neighbour's house
jarron's california cabin :)
lazy microwave can cooking. it tastes better than it looks.
man i need to myself a camera with better reflexes
chiru undertakes the dangerous art of dough making
it doesn't rise as it should. but oh well.
some spreading. and yes, that is a laundry basket. don't ask.
but if it comes out well...
chiru needs to have first dibs on violating the pizza
and this is.. the pokemon that was meant to be a dragon
smell the singe of chiru's burning skin
hee :)
it's your ass im blaming if it burns
but if it comes out well...
chiru needs to have first dibs on violating the pizza
sorry, was in a folder called 'new'. obviously its never been sorted. excuse the scattered commentary.

and no, chiru didn't make the whole pizza by herself. how dare you. someone had to document!

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